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Filing for unemployment in Pa. because of COVID-19? Here’s what you should know

Intelligencer Journal - 3/19/2020

Workers across the state are filing for unemployment after the coronavirus outbreak caused Gov. Wolf to temporarily halt most non-essential retail spaces and restaurants.



#Pennsylvania workers affected by #COVID19 may be eligible for #unemployment + workers’ compensation benefits. ?????Skip the wait + apply online! Learn more ??

PA Department of Labor & Industry (@PALaborIndustry) March 16, 2020


As the virus’s impact across the state evolves, the guidelines for collecting unemployment compensation will too, says the Department of Labor & Industry.

Workers can file a claim via an online application, paper form or phone call.

Here are some things to note

- There is no longer a waiting period before a worker can apply for unemployment compensation. Those who apply may be eligible for benefits during their first week of being unemployed.

- Workers no longer have to be looking for another job to file for unemployment. Formerly, applicants were required to be on the active pursuit for a new job.

- Applicants must fill out a bi-weekly claim, even when waiting for approval.

- If an application is approved the worker should receive the first benefit payment within four weeks.



??Attention #Pennsylvania: If your job has been affected by #COVID19, you may be eligible to receive #UC benefits. Our UC team created this useful #FAQ that will answer many of your questions. Please read this useful information for more guidance. ??

PA Department of Labor & Industry (@PALaborIndustry) March 17, 2020


For more information about unemployment compensation, visit the state department’s website.


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